How you doin'?

I'm Katie!

A UX designer born and raised in Seattle, WA. As a designer, my main goal is to create unique and fun experiences that put the user first. I love puzzles, and am always asking questions, so I'm ready to tackle whatever challenge is presented to me.​

I graduated college with a bachelors in Business Administration - Marketing and a minor in International Business. I invested further into my education by completing the UX Academy program through Designlab and various front-end development workshops through SheCodes.

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Fun Facts About Me

  • I love concerts and the environment encompassing live music. I prefer experiences and making memories rather than be materialistic.
  • I am a year-round athlete. Some of my favorite sports include snowboarding, wakeboarding, and of course hiking the gorgeous mountains of the PNW.
  • I am in love with traveling the world and experiencing new cultures.​ My dream is to reach every continent, and eventually every country, before I die.
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I'd love to hear from you if you'd like to grab coffee and chat (in-person or virtually) or collaborate on future projects! You can find me on LinkedIn or email me at